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In this training you will learn:
  • How to:loc hair in 12 weeks no matter the texture
  • How to: style locs without pulling tight
  • ​How to: make $2500 a week working part-time
  • ​How to: choose styles that grow your clientele by word of mouth without ads
Hi, I'm Yonni Red the first youtuber to do a full loc styling tutorial on youtube.  From the beginning I always stood out with loc styling because i had neat styles no one had ever seen & best of all without the dryness, itching, and tightness that most loc clients complain about to this day!

I walked away from the salon making 5 figures in 2017 which led me to currently running a 6 figure online loc learning business.

My free hands-on training has helped over 12,000 hair stylists, barbers and locticians worldwide and i have personally certified over 1200 locticians on how to charge their worth and create consistent income  with Loc services.

I am an approved Section 8 FSS program provider.  My course has been approved by a Georgia State Board of cosmetology representative for continuing education for license renewal.
I have a network of over 300 salons around the world that use my training to keep provide on-the-job instruction to new locticians.

My students have gone on to open a natural hair school in Raleigh NC. During covid-19 quarantine my training shifted to make money during quarantine. As a result  launched 7 new care product lines were created with 2  even making 5 figures before December of 2020!

In this free hands-on i will cover how to go from "hoping" for clients  to implementing the 3-step framework so you NEVER HAVE TO WORRY  about getting high paying clients and getting them to be loyal to you.

These styles and strategies are proven with over 20 years experience and I am excited to share it with you so you can grow  your loc business in 2021 and beyond!

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